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Rocca Grimalda Chianti 2008

Rocca Grimalda Chianti 2008

Winery : Rocca Grimalda
Grape : Blend 
Region : Italy > Toscana/Tuscany
Alcohol : 12.5%   Red wine
Price :
Score : 88 by MoIppai (19/06/2010)
Views : 3927

I'm not too sure if this is just called Rocca Grimaldi, or the winery is Rocca Grimaldi or what. Rocca Grimaldi according to Wikipedia is a village in Piedmont, Italy (and this wine is from Tuscany according to the bottle). Also I couldn't find much about Rocca Grimaldi wines from searching the internet, so if anyone can help me out that would be much appreciated.

Anyway, what's it like?

A deep, dark, purpley red coloured wine witha light fruity nose.

Fresh, fruity and light-medium bodied in the mouth with medium tannins and a short to medium finish.

I got red berries and currants on the palate.

Kind of a cheap, everyday table wine style (it was only ¥1200 - $12) which isn't a bad thing as this wine is a very drinkable, fresh, happy chianti!

MoIppai Member Comments :
@FortiDelVento contacted me on Twitter to tell me he lives in Rocca Grimalda and he thinks this is "a counterfeit use of the name of our Village".

So, there we have it, and thank you for getting in touch @FortiDelVento . Cheers.
Scores : 88 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 88

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