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Pione 2008

Pione 2008

Winery : Yamanashi Wine Co.
Grape : Pione 
Region : Japan > Yamanashi Prefecture > Katsunuma
Alcohol : 9%   Rose wine
Price :
Score : 86 by MoIppai (15/05/2011)
Views : 1624

I bought this a year or so ago on a trip to the Katsunuma area of Japan, one of Japan's largest wine producing regions, and visited this winery and tried some of their wines there.

I remember this as being a really nice, sweet rose, but was a bit disappointed with this bottle when we finally got round to opening it. Maybe I'd left it too long.

It has a sweet rose, pink nose (if you can imagine "pink" having a smell), almost like a sherry.

On the palate it's smooth, with no acidity, but not as sweet as I was expecting.

It also had a slight sourness on the aftertaste.

As I said I remember this being great when we tried it at the winery, but disappointed here, was a 90 pointer there I think, but now about an 86.

Think I should have got round to drinking it about a year ago.

I blogged about my visit to the Yamanashi Winery here.

MoIppai Member Comments :
Very disappointing. Much better when we had this at the winery.
Scores : 86 (MoIppai)   81 (PikoCoco)  
Average Score : 84

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