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Winery : Yamanashi Wine Co.
Grape : Niagara 
Region : Japan > Yamanashi Prefecture > Katsunuma
Alcohol : 9%   White wine
Price :
Score : 87 by MoIppai (02/07/2011)
Views : 1482

This Niagara wine is one we bought from the winery on our trip to Katsunuma a few years ago.

It has a light sweet nose with fruity, tropical notes and also a clean, soapy feel.

On the palate it's sweet, light with a light sourness to it.

It has a very Japanese wine feel and taste to it, which I think is the bitter/sour aftertaste.

It's not bad, quite light and refreshing.

MoIppai Member Comments :
Scores : 87 (MoIppai)   94 (PikoCoco)  
Average Score : 91

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