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Brolo Merlot 2007

Brolo Merlot 2007

Winery : Brolo
Grape : Merlot 
Region : Italy > Veneto > Colli Euganei
Alcohol : 12.5%   Red wine
Price :
Score : 89 by MoIppai (23/06/2010)
Views : 2186

This Brolo Merlot has a fruity nose with some alcohol and a little bit floral too.

On the palate it's smooth, well balanced, very light in the tgannins and not too dry.

It's light-medium bodied, unusual for most merlots I've tried and has a medium finish.

Quite fruity with with plums coming through on the finish. The dryness comes through later. I'd rate it as pretty dry after a while actually and subtley acidic, making me salivate and go back for more.

Overall a pretty good merlot for the price. (¥1100 : $11)

MoIppai Member Comments :
where can i buy this wine????
Scores : 89 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 89

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