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Bree Red 2010

Bree Red 2010

Winery : Peter Mertes Winery
Grape : Merlot 
Region : Germany > Mosel
Alcohol : 12.5%   Red wine
Price :
Score : 88 by MoIppai (18/01/2012)
Views : 2124

I'm a sucker for odd bottle shapes and this one was particularly cool (it was the RedDot design award winner in 2009).

Although the winery/company headquarters are based in Germany, this particular wine originated from France apparently.

It's a dark red wine, but quite free flowing and light.

On the nose, some earthiness and herbaceousness (not a word it seems but I like it), this wine literally smells of wet earth and foliage, mixed with fruit berries.

A light bodied wine, smooth and light on the palate with some berry fruits.

It has a light finish too.
Overall a light (how many times can I write that?) pleasant, drinkable table wine that's non-offensive but not outstanding.

Light (again!) but after having recently tasted the Pinga, everything would be!

The winery's website is http://www.mertes.de/.

MoIppai Member Comments :
Scores : 88 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 88

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