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Boscato Rosso

Boscato Rosso

Winery : Villa Dante
Grape : Blend 
Region : Italy > Toscana/Tuscany
Alcohol : 12%   Red wine
Price :
Score : 30 by MoIppai (29/05/2009)
Views : 5003

I love a gimmick, and a fish shaped wine bottle is a must have.

I had a feeling the wine inside wouldn't be too good, otherwise it wouldn't need a fish shaped bottle to sell it.

Unfortunately I was right.

It had a pale, muddy, browny red colour, with a spicy earthy smell.
On the palate it was dry, earthy and almost tasted off and stale. It was light bodied and the earthy taste stuck around for a while (a bit too long).

Overall, not good, and one to avoid (unless you want the fish bottle!)

MoIppai Member Comments :
Scores : 30 (MoIppai)   40 (PikoCoco)  
Average Score : 35

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