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Highland Park 1994

Highland Park 1994

Distillery : Highland Park
Location : Scotland > Islay
Whiskey Type : Single Malt
Alcohol : 40%
Price : ¥¥
Score : 92 by MoIppai (10/03/2014)
Views : 4453

This is one of the special Highland Parks for the Global Travel Retail market (i.e. sold in Duty Free shops in airports).

It has a woody nose with a slight sweetness, caramel.

It's sweet, caramelly and slightly chewy on the palate.
It has a light woody feel, like balsa wood or maybe not as slight as that but not oaky, subtler than that.

There are hints of tea on the finish.

It has a long, chewy finish with toffee, smoke and some peatiness.

A hint of liquorice in there but mainly caramel.

With a drop of water the nose became a little more floral and the taste smoother and a little less smoky.


MoIppai Member Comments :
Scores : 92 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 92

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