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Highland Park 13 Year Old Single Cask

Highland Park 13 Year Old Single Cask

Distillery : Highland Park
Location : Scotland > Islay
Whiskey Type : Single Malt
Alcohol : 57%
Price : ¥¥
Score : 89 by MoIppai (20/03/2011)
Views : 2727

Another of the recent samples Master of Malt sent me to try. This one is a 13 Year Old Single Cask whisky from Highland Park, distilled in 1997 and aged in a single refill bourbon hogshead (a hogshead is an English measurement of liquid, it's 63 wine gallons or 52.5 imperial gallons).

This whisky is a pale straw colour in the glass with a strong, hot alcoholic nose, but also has a slight sweetness to it.
In some ways it almost smells diluted, like a whiskey or brandy and lemonade.

On the palate, initially it had a light taste but with a lot of hot, alcoholic zing.
A subtle tasting whiskey I thought.

I added a drop of water and it much improved.
Tastewise nothing much changed with the added water, although the sweetness seemed to increase slightly and it the alcohol was a much smoother ride.

Other reviews of this whisky I read talked about wood, tobacco, vanilla, tar and even pears, buy maybe my palate isn't as finely tuned as all that (no maybe about it to be honest! I'm still finding my feet with whiskey tasting).

However I did get some creaminess on the finish and some smokiness on the aftertaste. Actually the smokiness built and built and several minutes later it was like I'd been drinking this on Guy Fawkes Night standing around a bonfire!

A very nice single malt whisky, especially with a drop of water.

It's available from Master of Malt in a 70cl bottle or dram size if you just want to try it out, here:
Highland Park 13 Year Old - Single Cask

MoIppai Member Comments :
Scores : 89 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 89

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