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Four Roses Highball

Four Roses Highball

Distillery : Kirin
Location : Japan > Tokyo
Whiskey Type : Bourbon
Alcohol : 7%
Price :
Score : 90 by MoIppai (08/01/2011)
Views : 3097

I guess this is technically made by Four Roses Distillery and Kirin in Japan, as it's a Japanese released Highball can made with Four Roses Bourbon. The first time a Highball can has been released in Japan with Bourbon in the mix (they have also released a I.W. Harper version at the same time, available only in convenience stores like Lawsons and 7-Eleven).

This Four Roses Highball is subtitled "Clear & Floral Special Highball Selection".

It's made with Four Roses Bourbon and soda water and is a pale yellow in the glass and obviously very fizzy.

I'm a big fan of Four Roses but not so much of Highballs (which are huge in Japan at the moment, more popular than the traditional Sake here). I'm not too keen on the dry carbonated soda water taste.

This however is surprisingly good.

Fairly weak, but you can still taste the Bourbon. (Japanese cocktails tend to be very weak, so much so that they often taste non-alcoholic).

I have to agree with the cans description (for once!) this is kind of floral.

Overall very nice and I would definitely buy this again.

MoIppai Member Comments :
Scores : 90 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 90

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