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Sake High Ball 

Sake High Ball

Brewery : Kizakura Brewery
Area : Japan > Kyoto
Sake Type : Sei-shu
Alcohol : 8%
Price :
Score : 86 by MoIppai (17/05/2011)
Views : 2762

High balls are huge in Japan recently. Mainly whiskey highballs, but sometimes you get other kinds, like this Sake High Ball from Kizakura Brewery in Kyoto.

This can comes with a little sachet of lemon juice to add if you prefer.

First I had it without the lemon and it's basically a slightly fizzy sake (which, lets face it, is what it is), not like a sparkling sake however, this has more of a carbonated water taste.

Adding the lemon, things improved. The lemon smoothed out and hid the dry carbonated water taste, and obviously there was a subtle taste of lemon too.

I think I prefer a straight sake to get the full sake flavour but it might appeal more to people who generally don't drink sake.

Still, it's very drinakble.

As an aside, this brewery also makes a pretty good Kyoto Beer.

MoIppai Member Comments :
This has a dry cocktail taste (usually you get sweet cocktails so I can't drink too many), but with this one I think you could drink a lot.

It will appeal to ladies so it should be good for sake sales and brand image.
Scores : 86 (MoIppai)   90 (PikoCoco)  
Average Score : 88

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