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Kunimare Sengokubasho 国稀 千石場所 

Kunimare Sengokubasho 国稀 千石場所

Brewery : Kunimare Shuzo
Area : Japan > Hokkaido
Sake Type : Tokubetsu Honjouzo
Alcohol : 16.5%
Price :
Score : 87 by MoIppai (15/07/2010)
Views : 3076

Another one from the Slow Food Japan 2009 selection, this sake from Hokkaido has a Nihonshudo of +7 so should be bone dry (+ve is dry, -ve is sweet) and uses Gohyakumangoku (五百万石) rice polished down to 60%.

It has a light sake smell and is a clear slightly viscous sake. You can see clear swirls moving around in the glass.

The Sengokubasho nihonshu has a thick feel to it, almost syrupy and quite a strong alcoholic taste (it's 16.5% abv).

The overwhelming taste is alcohol, like a neat vodka.

And, yes, it was pretty dry.

Their website (in Japanese) is at http://www.kunimare.co.jp

MoIppai Member Comments :
Scores : 87 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 87

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