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Kinryou (金陵) 

Kinryou (金陵)

Brewery : Nishino Kinryou Brewery
Area : Japan > Kagawa
Sake Type : Sei-shu
Alcohol : 15%
Price :
Score : 88 by MoIppai (07/05/2011)
Views : 2967

This is one of the 47 Cup Sake's set I got from Hanshin Department store, one cup sake from each prefecture in Japan.

This one, Kinryou (金陵), is from Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku in south-western Japan.

The rice is polished down to 65%, and it's made with rice, kouji and added alcohol.

It has a light alcoholic sake nose, and is a clear sake.

It's quite smooth, not sharp or acidic, a fairly standard sake taste, a subtle hint of alcohol, and pretty average but very drinkable, which is not a bad thing.

For a cup sake, this is pretty nice.
Nothing too special, but certainly drinkable.

MoIppai Member Comments :
Scores : 88 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 88

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