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Hana Yakana Kaori Junmaishu (華やかなかおり純米酒) 

Hana Yakana Kaori Junmaishu (華やかなかおり純米酒)

Brewery : Gekkeikan
Area : Japan > Kyoto
Sake Type : Junmai-shu
Alcohol : 14.5%
Price :
Score : 86 by MoIppai (01/08/2010)
Views : 2588

The second cheapest of the four metallic bottle sakes found in Family Mart convenience stores at ¥350 ($3.50ish).

The rice is polished down to 70% and it has an alcohol percentage of 14.5%.

It's a clear sake with a light sweet fragrant nose - "Hana yakana kaori" translates as "Cheerful fragrance".

It's a smooth sake, a little sweet and fresh. There's a short aftertaste, and it's very nice and drinkable.

I've written in my notes that it's a little sweet but also dry, it really dries out the mouth.

In fact after a few swigs it became too dry. Tastes good going in but afterwards, really dry. It lost a couple of points because of this.

MoIppai Member Comments :
Scores : 86 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 86

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