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廉士 (Rensi) 

廉士 (Rensi)

Brewery : Ryozeki Brewery
Area : Japan > Akita > Yuzawa City
Sake Type : Junmai-shu
Alcohol : 15%
Price :
Score : 91 by MoIppai (24/02/2012)
Views : 1858

This Junmaishu from Ryozeki Brewery (両関酒造) in Akita Prefecture is called Rensi on the bottle but usually, the English version of the Japanese "letter" [し] is [Shi], so it should really be Renshi I think. I mention this as if you're looking for it on the internet or asking for it in Japan, you'll probably have more luck saying "Renshi" than "Rensi".

Anyway, it won a Kan Sake Award in 2010 (Kan Sake is warmed up sake), so obviously I drank this warm.

I like the label on this one. There's something about it that reminds me of James Bond...

The sake has a slightly yellow hint to it and a smooth and pleasant nose.
Not alcoholic.

It's also smooth on the palate and very slightly sweet with a light rice aftertaste.

I really couldn't taste the alcohol.

This is an excellent and very drinkable sake.

Their website is in Japanese only, but it does have some nice photos on there so worth a look : http://www.ryozeki.co.jp/

MoIppai Member Comments :
I had another bottle of this a few months later and liked it just as much then.

That time I had it cold, and there was light, sweet nose with a hint of rice.

Light and smooth on the palate, it slipped down the throat.

There was a hint of apple on the finish and a slight sweetness.

Quite a subtle tasting sake with a citrusy, lemony, sweet - not bitter - finish.

Very nice!
Scores : 91 (MoIppai)   92 (MoIppai)  
Average Score : 92

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