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Sake Cup
Sake (pronounced Sakaay) or Nihonshu in Japanese, is a traditional alcoholic drink from Japan.
It's made from fermented rice, in a similar process to the way beer is made, and is also sometimes called Rice Wine.

It's made throughout Japan, but about 60% of the sake in Japan comes from Hyogo prefecture in Kansai (West Japan).

As well as the quality of rice being an important factor, the water used also plays a large part in the quality of the finished product. In Hyogo, water from Rokko Mountain is particularly good for making sake.

Sake labels can be difficult to read (especially in Japanese!) and they have other numbers on there describing the taste of the sake, not just the alcohol.
There is the 日本酒度 (Nihonshu-do), or Sake Density/Sake Meter Value in English.
This is basically a measure of the sweetness of the sake.
A minus number is sweet and a positive is dry.
The size of the number tells you how sweet (or dry).

The other number to look for on the label is the 酸度 (San-do) or acidity.

A very useful Glossary of Terms on Sake Bottle Labels can be downloaded for free from the National Research Institute of Brewing in Japan.Click here for the download page

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Tatsuriki 龍力 (Power of the Dragon)
Honda Shoten
Hyogo, Japan

This very dramatically named sake is made from Yamada rice polished down to 65% and has a Nihonshudo of +1 so may be slightly dry.

It's a slight greeny yellow colour in the glass and is slightly v ...
Reviewer: MoIppai : 90

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Choryo (1) Don't Know (3)
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Itami Oimatsu (1) Kaetsu Brewery (1)
Kamotsuru Sake Brewing Company (1) Kawashima Brewery (1)
Kenbishi (1) Kiku Masamune (3)
Kimura (1) Kitajima Shuzo (1)
Kizakura Brewery (1) Kobe Shu-shin-kan Breweries (2)
Kunimare Shuzo (1) Matsumoto Brewery (1)
Miyazaka Jouzou (1) Miyoshikiku Brewery (1)
Nagayama Brewery (1) Nambu Sake Brewery (1)
Nanbu Bijin Brewery (1) Nemoto Shuzo Co. Ltd (1)
Nihonsakari (2) Ninki-ichi (2)
Nishino Kinryou Brewery (1) Ota Sake Brewery (1)
Otokoyama Brewery (1) Ozeki (3)
Ryozeki Brewery (1) Sasaki Shuzo (1)
Sawanotsuru Brewery (4) Sekiya Brewery Co. Ltd (1)
Sennenichi (1) Shimazaki Shuzou (1)
Shirakiku (1) Suehiro Shuzo (1)
Tabata Shuzo (1) Tajime Co. Ltd (1)
Takahashi Shoten Co. Ltd. (1) Takara Shuzo (1)
Tamanohikari Sake Brewery (1) Tanabe Shuzo (1)
Tanaka Sake Brewery (1) Tanba (1)
Tenryou (1) Tokun Shuzo Sake Brewery (1)
Tosatsuru Brewery (1) Uchigasaki (1)
Umenishiki (1) Wada Sake Brewery (1)
Wakatsuru Co. Ltd (1) Watanabe Shuzoten (1)
Yagi (1) Yamanashi Meijo Co. Ltd (1)
Yamatogawa Shuzoten (1) Yoshikawa Touji no Go (1)
Zuiyou (1)

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