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Asahi Chocolat Cocktail 

Asahi Chocolat Cocktail

Country : Japan
Alcohol : 4%
Price :
Score : 85 by MoIppai (06/02/2010)
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This is a seasonal cocktail in a can from Asahi I found in a convenience store the other week.

Along with the Chocolat Brewery beer and other chocolate flavoured alcoholic drinks released this year, it's obviously geared for the Valentines market.

It's tradition in Japan for girls to give guys chocolate on valentines day, so chocolate booze sounds like a good idea.

This cocktail is only available in January and February.

I bought it a couple of weeks ago and it's been sitting in the fridge as I've been putting off drinking it. Expecting something less than pleasant - it's a cocktail of chocolate and rum.
Rum, I'm not a big fan of.

How wrong I was.

On pouring, it looks just like chocolate milkshake and obviously has a chocolatey smell, although not as strong as the Sapporo/Royce Chocolat Brewery beer.

The rum is very subtle. Overall it's a chocolate milkshake with a subtle aftertaste of something "else" (obviously the rum, but actually I found it difficult to find the rum flavour).

It's very drinkable and suprisingly good.

It comes in a 270ml can, and is 66Kcal/100ml and the ingredients are : Rum, milk, cocoa powder,...

MoIppai Member Comments
I had this again this year (Jan 2011), kinda by mistake as I'd forgotten I'd tried it last year.

My notes for it were pretty much the same as last year too, smooth, sweet and chocolatey, with a very faint hint of rum (found it this time!).

Really tastes just like chocolate milk.
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Average Score : 87

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