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Asaya Winery, Katsunuma, Japan

We were heading to Grace Winery, one of the larger and I guess more renowned Japanese wineries when we spotted a sign on the other side of the road for Asaya Winery. So we decided to nip in there for a quick tasting first and we were very glad we did! We were taken upstairs […]


Sake Tasting at the Kobe Sheraton Hotel 2009

Back in November of last year I went to my first proper Sake Tasting which was held in the Kobe Sheraton Hotel on Rokko Island (a man-made island just off the coast of Kobe). I’ve been to informal tastings at sake breweries but I was intersted to see how a sake tasting differed from a […]


Wine Tasting at Rive Gauche, Ashiya, Japan

Every first Sunday of the month our local off-license, Rive Gauche, has an informal wine tasting. We’ve been going there for a few months now, and finally got around to writing about it. Basically you pay about ¥2000-3000 ($20-30) depending on the wine selection, and get to taste around 20 wines, usually starting with a […]


My Wine Tastes of Bugs!

A while ago I bought a book (or rather a Mook – a magazine/book) about wine here in Japan, called the “Basic Wine Book” – ワイン基本ブック which is, as the title suggests a beginners guide to wine. And pretty useful it is too. It has sections on the major wine regions in the world, and […]


Chanmoris Winery, Katsunuma Japan

The next winery on our tour of Katsunuma wineries in Japan was directly across the road from Domaine Chateraise, the Chanmoris Winery owned by the rather long named company Koshu Budou ShuHonPo. Not sure what that translates as but Koshu Budou = Koshu Grapes, which are the only native grapes to Japan, and make up […]

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