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UnWine Social Wine App

There are many Wine apps on the mobile market at the moment, and one of the more recent, and perhaps more “sociable” ones is unWine from Lion Mobile.  


Why Italian Red Wines Are Perfect For You

The diverse regions and Mediterranean climate of Italy creates some of the best wine you’re likely to drink. With over 1,000 grape varieties, it’s no surprise that the country has become the world’s largest exporter. That’s even more impressive given the country’s size, which is roughly three quarters that of California. With an endless selection […]


Wine Clubs Specialize in the Unique

Many wine clubs offer unique, hard to find wines made by small wineries.


The Hill of Grapes, Katsunuma (ぶどうの丘)

On a hill overlooking Katsunuma is an onsen (spa) and wine tasting tourist centre calledBudou no oka – ぶどうの丘 or The Hill of Grapes in English, which we visited on our last day before heading home, and in hindsight perhaps it would have been better to go there first. We skipped the onsen, and after […]


Grace Winery, Katsunuma, Japan

Grace Winery is one of the larger, more well-known and perhaps even more prestigious Japanese wineries with some of their wines included in the JAL First Class Wine list, so it was one our list of wineries to check out while we were touring Katsunuma. The tasting room is on the first floor of an […]

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