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Top 5 Alternative Songs About Drinking

Ok, so I knew you all wanted to know what they were, so I had a think and these are my Top 5 Alternative Songs About Drinking. “Alternative” because, well to be honest, I didn’t want “Red Red Wine” to be in there! So here goes….


Top 5 Japanese Daisans (Third-category beer)

After ranking my Top 5 Japanese beers and Top 5 Japanese Happoshus here are my Top 5 Japanese Daisans.Daisans are very low malt content alcoholic drinks (sometimes called “Third-Category Beers” or “Liqueurs“). Japanese tax on alcohol varies depending on the malt content for some reason, and this type of drink has become very popular in […]


Top 5 Japanese Happoshus

Ok, this is my top 5 Japanese happoshus. Happoshu in Japan is a low-malt beer, kind of like a fake beer to get round the Japanese tax laws that increase as the amount of malt in a “beer” increase. To find out more about this quirk in Japanese alcohol taxes have a look at my […]


Top 5 Japanese Beers

Ok, this is my top 5 Japanese beers, not the top 5 in terms of sales, etc here in Japan. I’ve tried over 110 Japanese beers, lagers, happoshus and daisans in my time here in Japan, so I thought I’d share what I think the top 5 are.I haven’t included any happoshus or daisans in […]


Top 5 Japanese Father’s Day Presents

It’s Father’s Day in many western countries today, as it is in Japan and recently the Asahi Shinbun published a Father’s Day Special article where they asked 3277 dads (don’t know why it was that random number!) what was the best Father’s Day present… Number one was : Appreciation From Their Kids Which is nice. […]

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