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What is an Off License?

“What is an Off-License?“ I was asked this once by an American guy (at least I think he was American), and it caught me by surprise he didn’t know, but then of course booze shops are called different things all over the world! So I thought I’d list a few of them, so on your […]


Master of Malt announce Spiced Rum “Rumbullion!”

Hot on the heels of their Movember 2011 Charity whiskey, Master of Malt announce a spiced rum addition to their line up, “Rumbullion!“. Master of Malt are proud to announce the release of an intensely spiced, old-fashioned rum from Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. Rumbullion! is one of the most cockle-warming spiced rums on the market. Based […]


Bacardi Cuba Uses First Industrial Wind Turbines (Puerto Rico)

To reduce its monthly bills, make Puerto Rico greener and add a new viewing attraction to the bay area, Bacardi Cuba Corp. and Aspenall Energies inaugurated the two first wind turbines in the industry area with the participation of Gov. Fortuno and other administration officials at the company’s headquarters in Catano, reports The Puerto Rico […]


How to Make Umeshu (Plum Liqueur)

Well it’s that time of year again (heading into summer) and that can only mean one thing in Japan, time to make Umeshu! Umeshu is a sweet, sour plum liqueur quite popular with women in Japan, and can also appeal to people who don’t like the taste of alcohol apparently. Last week Japanese supermarkets started […]


More Valentines Drinks – Rum and Chocolate Cocktail

Recently I blogged about the Sapporo/Royce Chocolate beer for Valentines day and there seems to be a spate of other chocolate based beers and cocktails released this year in Japan. Recently I found this Chocolat Cocktail from Asahi which is a Rum and Chocolate based cocktail. I bought it initially for my wife as she […]