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‘Boxes Blend’ Whisky from Athlete bassist Carey Willetts

Online retailer Master of Malt announces the launch of a new blended whisky – Boxes Blend – produced in conjunction with Carey Willetts to celebrate Mr Willetts’ solo music project, Boxes. Master of Malt, in collaboration with Carey Willetts (bassist for the British band, Athlete), has released a new blended whisky to celebrate Mr Willetts’ […]


Look! A Hamster!


Heartour Goes Big City Drinking

A few days after posting my Top 5 Alternative Songs about Drinking I was contacted by someone (let’s call them a PR agency, just for the hell of it), who liked the cut of my jib and wondered if I would listen to an artist called Heartour and his track about big city drinking, called […]


Top 5 Alternative Songs About Drinking

Ok, so I knew you all wanted to know what they were, so I had a think and these are my Top 5 Alternative Songs About Drinking. “Alternative” because, well to be honest, I didn’t want “Red Red Wine” to be in there! So here goes….

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