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Look! A Hamster!


Maturing Wine Underwater

Interesting little news article I found in today’s Daily Yomiuri (English language version of the Japanese newspaper). Off license (liquor store) owner, Seiichi Hirai of Himeji and his partner have decided to try an experimental maturation technique with some sake and wine they have in their store. Basically they are hanging 108 bottles of sake, […]


Changes to the Drink Reviews

I decided to change the “price” section on the drinks reviews (specifically the wine section), as it seemed a bit confusing and to be honest a little pointless having the specific prices in different currencies, etc. It’s now a much simpler, three level rating system : ¥= cheap ¥¥= mid-range ¥¥¥= expensive Simple huh? Obviously prices […]


Welcome to the MoIppai Blog

I’ll be writing about any news related to wine, beer, whiskey, or maybe sake (seeing as I’m living in Japan), that I find on the net or newspapers etc. Also, anything I’ve been up to recently…related to drinking of course. 
Wine tastings, sake brewery tours, to name a couple of things I’ve done recently I’ll get around to writing about soon.

So, hope you enjoy, and please

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