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Daisen G Craft Beers

Each year, around Christmas I’ve managed to collect enough credit card points to cash them in for something from their (not particularly extensive catalogue). Usually I just have enough for a box of 24 Asahi, but this year seems I’d spent more than usual and managed to get enough points for these great Japanese Craft […]


Second Hand Booze Shops

In Japan there’s a big chain of shops called “Book OFF” which sells second hand books (and games, cds, dvds, etc). I use them a lot, books are around ¥108 upwards and you can get some great bargains in there. They will also “buy” from you (I put quotes as in a lot of cases […]


Samurai Beer from Sapporo

To coincide with an NHK drama about Samurai (one of many!), Sapporo have changed the designs of their Sapporo Beer Black Label and Sapporo Mugi and Hop The Gold Daisan cans and added some rather cool Samurai drawings. The beers are from Sapporo so are pretty drinkable, even the daisan (third-category “fake beer”).


Oldest Karuizawa Single Cask Whisky Bottled

Last year (yes, I have been very slack in updating this blog recently!), the amazing people at Master of Malt sent me what has to be the most incredible free samples ever (and I haven’t even opened and drunk it yet!). A sample of the Karuizawa 1964 Vintage Single Case #3603! This is from one […]


Ale House, Umeda, Osaka

Stopped in at the Ale House in Umeda on the way home tonight. It’s a craft beer bar in a basement just off the Eastern Shopping Arcade (Hisgashi Shoutengai) near HEP5 (this will mean something hopefully to people who know Osaka, if you don’t, but come here you should be able to find it 😉 […]

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