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Samurai Beer from Sapporo

To coincide with an NHK drama about Samurai (one of many!), Sapporo have changed the designs of their Sapporo Beer Black Label and Sapporo Mugi and Hop The Gold Daisan cans and added some rather cool Samurai drawings. The beers are from Sapporo so are pretty drinkable, even the daisan (third-category “fake beer”).


Japanese Autumn Beers 2011

Japan is a country with four very distinct seasons and these are usually marked by the release of seasonal beers (or more often than not these days, daisan or low malt fake beers) from the main brewers here. Last year I reviewed the Aki Aji 秋味 (Taste of Autumn) from Kirin which got a 2011 […]


Japanese Brewers Give Up on Happoshu

Ok, this news is a little bit old, as the Daily Yomiuri reported it back in January, but I’ve been busy and not had time to put this post up. Basically it seems that some of the major Japanese brewers, Suntory and Sapporo to be precise, are essentially stopping their production of Happoshu (low-malt beers). […]


Top 5 Japanese Daisans (Third-category beer)

After ranking my Top 5 Japanese beers and Top 5 Japanese Happoshus here are my Top 5 Japanese Daisans.Daisans are very low malt content alcoholic drinks (sometimes called “Third-Category Beers” or “Liqueurs“). Japanese tax on alcohol varies depending on the malt content for some reason, and this type of drink has become very popular in […]


Daisan to Face a Tax Hike?

A recent report in the The Mainichi Daily News says that the Japanese government are considering upping the tax on Third-Category Beers (called Daisan) in order to bring their prices more in line with conventional beers and happoshus. In Japan the tax on “Malted” alcoholic drinks like beers depends on the percentage of malt in […]

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