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Samurai Beer from Sapporo

To coincide with an NHK drama about Samurai (one of many!), Sapporo have changed the designs of their Sapporo Beer Black Label and Sapporo Mugi and Hop The Gold Daisan cans and added some rather cool Samurai drawings. The beers are from Sapporo so are pretty drinkable, even the daisan (third-category “fake beer”).


Sannomiya Craft Beer Tasting Festival 2011

At the end of September the Kobe Regatta and Athletic Club (KR&C) held their first annual Sannomiya Craft Beer Tasting Festival in the garden of their main building. Over 12 Japanese craft beers were on offer throughout the day and in the short time I was there I tried about 6 of them. There were […]


New Japanese Beers for the Summer

This Summer saw the release of three new Japanese beers from the main Japanese breweries, Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo. Although only Kirin released a real beer.The other two opted for the cheaper option of beer-like drinks (daisan). First came the Asahi Blue Label which, inevitably, being a fake beer from Asahi, was pretty disappointing. It […]


Kirin To Reopen in Sendai

Some more good news from disaster hit Sendai, after the news back in May that Asahi restarting beer shipments from it’s brewery in Fukushima, and Miyagikyo Distillery reopening it’s tours, it seems that Kirin Brewery Co. will be resuming work at it’s Sendai plant in September and will start shipping beer from there in November. […]


Kirin To Release a Beer on the Rocks

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, at the end of July, Japanese Brewery Kirin will release a beer designed specifically to be drunk over ice. They’re calling it, rather originally, “Ice + Beer“. It seems they were “inspired” by the recent trend of drinking wine or sake with ice. This is a recent trend? I’ve been […]

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