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L’Orient Winery, Katsunuma Japan

A pleasant 30 minute walk from our B&B led us to L’Orient Winery (also called Shirayuri Winery). We really struck gold with this one, as while we were wandering around the shop and tasting room the winery owner, Mr Takao Uchida, who was extremely friendly with everyone, started talking to us and was very interested […]


Chanmoris Winery, Katsunuma Japan

The next winery on our tour of Katsunuma wineries in Japan was directly across the road from Domaine Chateraise, the Chanmoris Winery owned by the rather long named company Koshu Budou ShuHonPo. Not sure what that translates as but Koshu Budou = Koshu Grapes, which are the only native grapes to Japan, and make up […]


Domaine Chateraise Winery in Katsunuma Japan

Previous Katsunuma Post The great thing about Katsunuma (one of the main winery areas in Japan) is it’s size. Pretty much each winery and vineyard is in walking distance. Our “minshoku” (called Tembouen and highly recommended if you stay in Katsunuma) which is like a Japanese B&B seemed to be pretty much in the centre […]


Katsunuma Wineries in Japan

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I had a short holiday in Katsunuma City in Yamanashi prefecture (about an hour or so from Tokyo). It’s known as the Town of Grapes and Wine, and has about 30 wineries scattered around the area, from large famous ones like Suntory, Chateau Mercian, Grace to much […]

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