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Japanese Wine Chocolate

I was in my local “Conbini” (Convenience Store) the other day when I spotted these Wine Chocolates by the till. Well obviously I had to give them a try (and they were only ¥32 each), and have A Luxurious Aftertaste. They weren’t bad actually, with a soft jelly like centre, and according to the ingredients […]


Red Wine and Sake Help Create Superconductor

Bit of a techie post today. In today’s newspaper there was an article about how a group of Japanese scientists have discovered that soaking a special type of iron in red wine, sake or beer makes it a superconductor (a superconductor conducts electricity without resistance, i.e very fast). The cool sounding Nano Frontier Materials Group […]


Top 5 Japanese Father’s Day Presents

It’s Father’s Day in many western countries today, as it is in Japan and recently the Asahi Shinbun published a Father’s Day Special article where they asked 3277 dads (don’t know why it was that random number!) what was the best Father’s Day present… Number one was : Appreciation From Their Kids Which is nice. […]


Dokodemo Wine – Anywhere Wine

I found this little gem in the local supermarket the other day, and it’s an Australian wine so I’m sure this bottle is not exclusive to Japan, but it did have a certain Japanese feel to it in it’s clever design. It’s called “Dokodemo Wine” (どこでもワイン) in Japanese which translates as “Anywhere Wine” , because […]


Kyoto, Sake and The Geisha

A trip to Kyoto last year ended up as it usually seems to with a trip to Gion and some Geisha spotting. We timed it well this time (about 4:30pm for anyone planning a visit) as there seemed to be a lot of activity from the Geisha and Maiko (apprentice geisha) travelling from one house […]

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