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Dokodemo Wine – Anywhere Wine

I found this little gem in the local supermarket the other day, and it’s an Australian wine so I’m sure this bottle is not exclusive to Japan, but it did have a certain Japanese feel to it in it’s clever design. It’s called “Dokodemo Wine” (どこでもワイン) in Japanese which translates as “Anywhere Wine” , because […]


Beaujolais Nouveau 2009

I wasn’t intending to rush out and buy a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau this year, I was just going to buy it when the opportunity arose, but on the 19th the boss of my company gave everyone 2 bottles as a gift. Very nice! This was one of them and a pretty good Beaujolais Nouveau […]


Big Wine Bottles From Japan

Previous Katsunuma post On our recent trip to Katsunuma, one of the main wine regions in Japan, I took along my new toy, a video camera and shot some random footage. This is my first video posting and it’s pretty random but there was a reason for it… We’d just finished a huge bbq at […]


Wine in a fish shaped bottle

Is it a gimmick? Or does a fish shaped bottle improve the taste of wine? Who cares! It’s a wine bottle shaped like a fish!