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Why Italian Red Wines Are Perfect For You

The diverse regions and Mediterranean climate of Italy creates some of the best wine you’re likely to drink. With over 1,000 grape varieties, it’s no surprise that the country has become the world’s largest exporter. That’s even more impressive given the country’s size, which is roughly three quarters that of California. With an endless selection […]


Dokodemo Wine – Anywhere Wine

I found this little gem in the local supermarket the other day, and it’s an Australian wine so I’m sure this bottle is not exclusive to Japan, but it did have a certain Japanese feel to it in it’s clever design. It’s called “Dokodemo Wine” (どこでもワイン) in Japanese which translates as “Anywhere Wine” , because […]


Fish Shaped Wine Bottle Plea

A while ago a reader of this blog contacted me about the Villa Dante Boscate Rosso wine (in the gorgeous fish shaped bottle). Which I blogged about a while ago (here). Basically this person wanted to know where they could buy this wine in America (Florida, specifically). Well I found the bottle in Osaka, Japan, […]


Fish Shaped Sake Bottle

I’m always on the look out for fish shaped wine bottles (don’t know why but it seems to be a popular search on google for this site…) so I was very pleased to discover this gorgeous Sake bottle shaped like a fish at one of our local sake breweries. The brewery is called Takinokoi Kuramoto […]


Silver Palms Wine Bottle Wins Design Award

For reasons I’d rather not go into, I receive occasional emails from “Shelf Impact” (from the publishers of Packaging World!). Well, I’m sure you can imagine what a gripping read that is – however I shouldn’t criticise as occasionally something interesting does crop up. 🙂 Like this for example: Jackson Family Wines in California have […]

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