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Top 5 Japanese Daisans (Third-category beer)

After ranking my Top 5 Japanese beers and Top 5 Japanese Happoshus here are my Top 5 Japanese Daisans.Daisans are very low malt content alcoholic drinks (sometimes called “Third-Category Beers” or “Liqueurs“). Japanese tax on alcohol varies depending on the malt content for some reason, and this type of drink has become very popular in […]


Barreal – ¥88 Fake Beer from Aeon

With the on-coming onslaught of the unbearably humid Japanese summer Beer manufacturers in Japan are finding ways to maximise their sales, and big supermarket chain Aeon recently launched a ¥88 ($1) daisan (beer-like drink) onto the market. Tax on alcohol is (compared to say the UK) very cheap, with whiskeys and other spirits in off-licenses […]


Two New Daisans From Orion Brewery

I came home from work the other day and found two new daisan’s (Japanese third-category beers) from Orion Brewery in Okinawa in the fridge. Actually my wife found them in the supermarket that day, Orion Brewery didn’t send me them unfortunately, which would have been nice. Orion beers in mainland Japan are distributed by Asahi […]


So Just What is Happoshu Anyway?

This question bugged me for quite a while when I first discovered that Japan has 3 categories of beer, and I don’t mean lager, beer, bitter, etc. Thankfully, an article in the Daily Yomiuri yesterday cleared it up for me. The reason Japan has 3 different categories of beer is essentially for tax reasons. Regular […]


Beerlike drinks in Japan hit new low price

Japan has three main kinds of beers: Normal lagers (Kirin, Asahi, etc) Happoshu (Low Malt beers – less than 67% malt and cheaper than normal lager as tax is lower) Third Category Beer (These are “Beerlike” drinks as they are called and the ingredients are soybeans, corn and peas as opposed to malt). The Third […]

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