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Two Big Winners Among Japanese Whiskies

Japanese distilleries had a fine result at this week’s Whisky Magazine 6th annual World Whisky Awards. Yamazaki won the Best Single Malt Whisky award for its 25 Year Old varietal and Nikka took the Best Blended Whisky category with Taketsuru 17 Year Old. Yamazaki has triumphed two years in a row, their wonderful 1984 vintage […]


1 Million Yen “The Yamazaki” Whisky Sells Out in 24 Hours!

A few days ago Suntory started accepting orders for a very special limited edition bottling of their “Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky“. This whisky has been aged more than 50 years and is selling for the very reasonable (if you’re idea of reasonable is ridiculously expensive) price of ¥1,000,000 (about US$13,000)! The whisky is appropriately called […]


Japanese Autumn Beers 2011

Japan is a country with four very distinct seasons and these are usually marked by the release of seasonal beers (or more often than not these days, daisan or low malt fake beers) from the main brewers here. Last year I reviewed the Aki Aji 秋味 (Taste of Autumn) from Kirin which got a 2011 […]


Japanese Brewers Give Up on Happoshu

Ok, this news is a little bit old, as the Daily Yomiuri reported it back in January, but I’ve been busy and not had time to put this post up. Basically it seems that some of the major Japanese brewers, Suntory and Sapporo to be precise, are essentially stopping their production of Happoshu (low-malt beers). […]


Four Roses Whiskey Highball from Kirin

The highball craze in Japan continues unabated with Kirin Brewery just announcing the launch of two new highball cans on November 17th this year. Four Roses Highball and I.W. Harper Highball. Most highballs in Japan use Suntory whiskey it seems, so this is the first to use Kentucky whiskey. Suntory themselves have re-released, after a […]

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