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SWIG Hip Flasks

The other day I received a cool package in the post from SWIG Hip Flasks. They’d contacted me recently and asked if I wanted to try out one of their Hip Flasks. Well, as a fan of hip flasks and drinking in general, obviously I said yes. Not long after that a package arrived. I […]


Sake Day and Nishinomiya Ebisu Sake Festival

They say that if you want to have a successful blog, the key thing is timing and to write posts timely and when the subject you’re writing about is current and relevant. So here is my blog post about Sake Day in Japan which occurred 2 months ago on October 1st! Sake day is so […]


Sennenichi Sake Brewery, Awaji Island, Japan

On a recent trip to Awajishima (Awaji island, a tiny island inbetween Honshu and Shikoku, just off the coast of Kobe), we stopped in at the local sake brewery Sennenichi to pick up a bottle of the local brew to take home. We were greeted very warmly and were very quickly invited for a mini-tour […]


Godzilla Sake Est Arivee!

My Godzilla Sake bottle from Konishi Brewing Company and Toho Company arrived!


Sake Tasting Vending Machine, Osaka Airport

If you’re ever in Itami Airport in Osaka, head over to the far end of the West Terminal and in the corner you’ll find a sake shop that houses a wall of sake tasting vending machines. So you take one of the small sake tasting cups, place it in the machine and insert your ¥100. […]

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