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Sennenichi Sake Brewery, Awaji Island, Japan

On a recent trip to Awajishima (Awaji island, a tiny island inbetween Honshu and Shikoku, just off the coast of Kobe), we stopped in at the local sake brewery Sennenichi to pick up a bottle of the local brew to take home. We were greeted very warmly and were very quickly invited for a mini-tour […]


Godzilla Sake Est Arivee!

My Godzilla Sake bottle from Konishi Brewing Company and Toho Company arrived!


The Sake Sections in My Local Shops

I thought I’d post a couple of photos of the sake sections in some local shops near me. The first is a more specialised off-license, which as well as shochu, whiskey, and crates of beer, has a Sake Corner, with bottles from all over Japan, as well as Ji-sake (地酒) which is craft-brewed sake (basically […]


A New Way To Drink Sake

In Japan there are a thousand and one ways to buy and drink sake. From the huge barrels you find outside Shinto shrines and at weddings or company promotional events, to the standard 1.8l or 750ml bottles, to the one-cup glasses or box cartons from vending machines. Recently in Family Mart convenience stores a new […]


Sake Club for July

Late again with my post about July’s sake club selection – the August delivery arrived yesterday. At least I’d managed to try them all this time. Just this minute posted up the reviews. All three were phenomenal sakes this time, all scoring 90 or more with one reaching 95! The sake’s were from three different […]

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