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Kurate Wine – A New Japanese Wine Style

Way back at the beginning of the year, February I think, I visited the Osaka Gift Show for my job (nothing to do with wine unfortunately). The Gift Show is a trade exhibition for various gadgets, crafts, gifts and other “novelty” items. Amongst all the usb drives, personalised pen printing machines and hand made leather […]


The Hill of Grapes, Katsunuma (ぶどうの丘)

On a hill overlooking Katsunuma is an onsen (spa) and wine tasting tourist centre calledBudou no oka – ぶどうの丘 or The Hill of Grapes in English, which we visited on our last day before heading home, and in hindsight perhaps it would have been better to go there first. We skipped the onsen, and after […]


Katsunuma Winery, Yamanashi, Japan

The last winery we visited in Katsunuma was the luckily named Katsunuma Winery. I wonder if they opened their doors first or if there was a lottery to decide who could call their winery in Katsunuma City, Katsunuma Winery? The same goes for Yamanashi Winery in Yamanashi Pefecture (the area where Katsunuma is situated). Anyway, […]


Yamanashi Winery, Katsunuma Japan

One of the last wineries we visited in Katsunuma was the small buy very friendlyYamanshi Winery. There are several reasons I would recommend seeking out this winery, the first being the marvellous old building the reception and tasting room is housed in and the very impressive tree growing outside it. Inside is a small tasting […]


Asaya Winery, Katsunuma, Japan

We were heading to Grace Winery, one of the larger and I guess more renowned Japanese wineries when we spotted a sign on the other side of the road for Asaya Winery. So we decided to nip in there for a quick tasting first and we were very glad we did! We were taken upstairs […]

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