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Sennenichi Sake Brewery, Awaji Island, Japan

On a recent trip to Awajishima (Awaji island, a tiny island inbetween Honshu and Shikoku, just off the coast of Kobe), we stopped in at the local sake brewery Sennenichi to pick up a bottle of the local brew to take home. We were greeted very warmly and were very quickly invited for a mini-tour […]


Godzilla Sake

As well as having more than a passing interest in booze, I’m also quite keen on the Godzilla and other Toho Monster movies, and it’s not often these two worlds come together. So I was very excited to read about Konishi Brewing Company releasing a Special Edition Shirayuki barley Shochu in a Godzilla pottery bottle! […]


Beaujolais Nouveau 2011

It’s coming up to that Beaujolais Nouveau time of the year again, and due to time differences Japan always gets it first, and is probably the only country that still gets excited about it. The convenience stores have pre-order flyers so you can make sure you get yours as soon as possible. My boss always […]


Sake at the Nishinomiya Ebisu Festival, Japan

Every year during the second weekend in January there’s a long Bank Holiday weekend, as we would say in England, and this co-incides with the Ebisu Shinto Shrine festivals held around Japan. People go to the shrines to buy fukusasa, which are lucky charms for businesses in the coming year. Just up the road from […]


Four Roses Whiskey Highball from Kirin

The highball craze in Japan continues unabated with Kirin Brewery just announcing the launch of two new highball cans on November 17th this year. Four Roses Highball and I.W. Harper Highball. Most highballs in Japan use Suntory whiskey it seems, so this is the first to use Kentucky whiskey. Suntory themselves have re-released, after a […]