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Beer – A Celebration of a Fine Beverage

With the Japan Craft Beer Associations (JCBA’s) biggest beer week in Japan, the ‘Japan Craft Beer Week in Tokyo’ approaching rapidly (week commencing 25th May 2012) there is no questioning the popularity of beer here in Japan. In fact beer is the most popular drink, making up for 33% of alcohol consumption which exceeds 9 […]


The Japan Beer Times – Get it, it’s good!

There aren’t many magazines in English printed in Japan and only a couple of bi-lingual ones so I was very surprised and pleased to discover The Japan Beer Times, “The Craft Beer Magazine of Japan”, a free(!) bi-lingual magazine. It’s been going since the beginning of 2010 and is published quarterly it seems with articles […]


Great Japan Beer Festival 2009

Last weekend in Tokyo was one of the Great Japan Beer Festival where you can sample more than 120 micro brewed beers.  Unfortunately Tokyo is a bit of a trek from Kansai where I live, but fortunately, the Festival is also coming to Osaka next month (18th-20th July)! They have a great system in restaurants […]

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