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Asahi Breweries Back On Top

The Daily Yomiuri newspaper reported yesterday that Asahi Breweries Ltd. has taken back the top spot in the beer market in Japan after two years in second place to Kirin. Asahi was top in the first half of 2010 with 37.1% of sales followed by Kirin with 36.4%, Suntory 13.4%, Sapporo 12.3% and bravely bringing […]


Barreal – ¥88 Fake Beer from Aeon

With the on-coming onslaught of the unbearably humid Japanese summer Beer manufacturers in Japan are finding ways to maximise their sales, and big supermarket chain Aeon recently launched a ¥88 ($1) daisan (beer-like drink) onto the market. Tax on alcohol is (compared to say the UK) very cheap, with whiskeys and other spirits in off-licenses […]


Blue Beer from Hokkaido Japan

One of the bigger supermarkets around here (Hankyu) is having a Hokkaido Fair at the moment with speciality food and craft beers from the region. Hokkaido, for those that don’t know, is the northern most of the 4 main Japan islands, where Sapporo Beer is from (Sapporo city is kind of the capital of Hokkaido). […]


World Cup 2010 Themed Kirin Beer

As anyone who has a passing interest in football – and that doesn’t describe me – knows, there’s the World Cup taking place this year in South Africa. Now, I have no interest in football, but I do have perhaps more than a passing interest in Japanese beers, so this new can design caught my […]


So Just What is Happoshu Anyway?

This question bugged me for quite a while when I first discovered that Japan has 3 categories of beer, and I don’t mean lager, beer, bitter, etc. Thankfully, an article in the Daily Yomiuri yesterday cleared it up for me. The reason Japan has 3 different categories of beer is essentially for tax reasons. Regular […]

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