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CanBot! It’s a Robot…Disguised as a Beer Can!

This Japanese guy decided to make a robot out of a Kirin Tanrei Happoshu can!(Guess it’s better than drinking the stuff!) Pretty cool, (in a very geeky otaku way). He’s even hooked it up so it can be controlledby a Wii controller!


Japanese Brewers Give Up on Happoshu

Ok, this news is a little bit old, as the Daily Yomiuri reported it back in January, but I’ve been busy and not had time to put this post up. Basically it seems that some of the major Japanese brewers, Suntory and Sapporo to be precise, are essentially stopping their production of Happoshu (low-malt beers). […]


Top 5 Japanese Happoshus

Ok, this is my top 5 Japanese happoshus. Happoshu in Japan is a low-malt beer, kind of like a fake beer to get round the Japanese tax laws that increase as the amount of malt in a “beer” increase. To find out more about this quirk in Japanese alcohol taxes have a look at my […]


Asahi Breweries Back On Top

The Daily Yomiuri newspaper reported yesterday that Asahi Breweries Ltd. has taken back the top spot in the beer market in Japan after two years in second place to Kirin. Asahi was top in the first half of 2010 with 37.1% of sales followed by Kirin with 36.4%, Suntory 13.4%, Sapporo 12.3% and bravely bringing […]


Barreal – ¥88 Fake Beer from Aeon

With the on-coming onslaught of the unbearably humid Japanese summer Beer manufacturers in Japan are finding ways to maximise their sales, and big supermarket chain Aeon recently launched a ¥88 ($1) daisan (beer-like drink) onto the market. Tax on alcohol is (compared to say the UK) very cheap, with whiskeys and other spirits in off-licenses […]

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