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Another Fish Shaped Wine Bottle

It’s been a while but I finally found another fish shaped wine bottle! I just happened to be doing my usual weekly shop in the local supermarket when there it was, sitting on the shelf… Pescevino Rosso from Pescevino Winery in Osimo Italy. A very dry, fruity wine that was surprisingly drinkable (a bit unfair […]


Fish Shaped Wine Bottle Plea

A while ago a reader of this blog contacted me about the Villa Dante Boscate Rosso wine (in the gorgeous fish shaped bottle). Which I blogged about a while ago (here). Basically this person wanted to know where they could buy this wine in America (Florida, specifically). Well I found the bottle in Osaka, Japan, […]


Fish Shaped Sake Bottle

I’m always on the look out for fish shaped wine bottles (don’t know why but it seems to be a popular search on google for this site…) so I was very pleased to discover this gorgeous Sake bottle shaped like a fish at one of our local sake breweries. The brewery is called Takinokoi Kuramoto […]


Fish Shaped Wine Bottles

I blogged a while ago about a fish shaped wine bottle I bought and to be honest I thought it was just a nice novelty and didn’t think much more of it. It turns out to be my most googled blog entry and one of my most popular pages! I never knew there was such […]


Wine in a fish shaped bottle

Is it a gimmick? Or does a fish shaped bottle improve the taste of wine? Who cares! It’s a wine bottle shaped like a fish!

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