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Brew Crafters: A Board Game About Making Beer

I spotted this on Kickstarter the other day, and thought it sounded interesting. Brew Crafters is a board game where you manage a local craft brewery! This is from their Kickstarter page: In Brew Crafters, players assume management of a local craft brewery, working hard to manage resources, use their workers wisely, and develop their […]


Sannomiya Craft Beer Tasting Festival 2011

At the end of September the Kobe Regatta and Athletic Club (KR&C) held their first annual Sannomiya Craft Beer Tasting Festival in the garden of their main building. Over 12 Japanese craft beers were on offer throughout the day and in the short time I was there I tried about 6 of them. There were […]


The Japan Beer Times – Get it, it’s good!

There aren’t many magazines in English printed in Japan and only a couple of bi-lingual ones so I was very surprised and pleased to discover The Japan Beer Times, “The Craft Beer Magazine of Japan”, a free(!) bi-lingual magazine. It’s been going since the beginning of 2010 and is published quarterly it seems with articles […]


More Beers for Valentines Day

I blogged before about the recent release of Chcolate Beers in Japan for Valentines Day and in, I guess, true Japanese style my wife bought me some more for this years Valentines. There’s the Imperial Stout from Minoh Brewery, which actually has a pink heart on the label and “St. Valentines Day” on the label, […]

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