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Beer and Sake Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, which in Japan means women buying chocolate for men, (thanks to some genius marketing by a chocolate manufacturer many years ago), the shelves are being stacked with chocolate, chocolate recipes, Royce/Sapporo chocolate beer and this year I found shelves of alcohol filled chocolates. There are the usual whiskey and brandy […]


Japanese Wine Chocolate

I was in my local “Conbini” (Convenience Store) the other day when I spotted these Wine Chocolates by the till. Well obviously I had to give them a try (and they were only ¥32 each), and have A Luxurious Aftertaste. They weren’t bad actually, with a soft jelly like centre, and according to the ingredients […]


More Beers for Valentines Day

I blogged before about the recent release of Chcolate Beers in Japan for Valentines Day and in, I guess, true Japanese style my wife bought me some more for this years Valentines. There’s the Imperial Stout from Minoh Brewery, which actually has a pink heart on the label and “St. Valentines Day” on the label, […]


More Valentines Drinks – Rum and Chocolate Cocktail

Recently I blogged about the Sapporo/Royce Chocolate beer for Valentines day and there seems to be a spate of other chocolate based beers and cocktails released this year in Japan. Recently I found this Chocolat Cocktail from Asahi which is a Rum and Chocolate based cocktail. I bought it initially for my wife as she […]


Chocolate Beer for Valentines Day?

It’s Valentines Day soon, and in Japan they do Valentines Day a little different to the West (let’s face it, in Japan they do a lot of things different to the west!). Here it’s kind of reversed. Instead of boyfriends, husbands, etc buying flowers, jewellery or lingerie for their respective partners, in Japan it’s the […]

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