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Americans Love Whiskey

The people over at Webstaurant created this rather cool Infographic about Americans and their love of Whiskey.


The Bourbon Boom

I was contacted a few weeks ago and asked if I was interested in a guest blog post about the Bourbon documentaries as there has been a fair few of them recently. Of course I said yes, and here it is. Thank you to @MariaRamos1889 for writing this excellent post! The Bourbon Boom:5 Documentaries Showcasing […]


Balls of Steel – Cool Your Whisky For a Cause

There are many different ways to cool your whisky, from the standard method of ice to chilled stones and more. The other day I was contacted by a company that has come up with an alternative, Balls of Steel. These are literally, balls of steel and not just a cool product name. As well as […]


Old Fashioned Cocktail From The Handmade Cocktail Company

Some more news from the good people at Master of Malt. Newly Released Old Fashioned Cocktail available at Selfridges The Handmade Cocktail Company is proud to announce the launch of its newest pre-bottled cocktail, The Old Fashioned. Made using a superb rye-rich bourbon, a secret blend of bitters and the finest orange peel – you […]

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