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The Asahi “Pepsi” Challenge

A couple of months ago I was the lucky recipient (along with 1.5 million other people in Japan) of this in the post… An Asahi Beer “Pepsi” Challenge Kit. Well, actually it’s an Asahi Happoshu Taste challenge as it’s to mark the release of Asahi’s new Cool Draft Happoshu. In the box there’s a can […]


Autumn Beer in Japan

Looks like Autumns arrived in Japan. How do I know? Well it’s not the sharp change in weather (it’s less humid but still in the high 20s), or the change in leaves (that hasn’t started yet), no, I know it’s Autumn because the Autumn Beers have gone on sale! The Japanese beer companies love to […]


Welcome to the MoIppai Blog

I’ll be writing about any news related to wine, beer, whiskey, or maybe sake (seeing as I’m living in Japan), that I find on the net or newspapers etc. Also, anything I’ve been up to recently…related to drinking of course. 
Wine tastings, sake brewery tours, to name a couple of things I’ve done recently I’ll get around to writing about soon.

So, hope you enjoy, and please

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