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Hi, my name is Jim and I set up this site and blog a while ago as I started getting into wine and then more recently, I started to really get into wine. I moved to Japan about 4 years ago, and discovered that wine wasn’t quite as easy to get hold of as in England, and also a bit more expensive, although thankfully that seems to be changing with more and more wineries selling in Japan now, and the prices are dropping.

Also, seeing as I’m in Japan, I’ve started getting into sake (nihonshu), the Japanese rice wine and whiskey, as the alcohol tax in Japan is sooooo low, whiskey here is about half the price of England 🙂

This blog (and website) was set up to share information about wine, beer, sake and any other drinks people enjoy (or don’t), and also to pass on any news or information I can find about those topics.

If you’re interested why not join up for free and start reviewing wines, beers or anything else.

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Hope you enjoy.


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  1. I used to buy the 1 litre cans of Asahi when I moved from the UK to Japan…. I would hold them in my hand imagining this is what it was like for Jeremy Beadle (RIP).

    Comment by JB — October 24, 2010 @ 5:01 pm

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