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June 28 2017

UnWine Social Wine App

There are many Wine apps on the mobile market at the moment, and one of the more recent, and perhaps more “sociable” ones is unWine from Lion Mobile.

Cellar Profile


The idea behind the app is that instead of getting wine recommendations from “experts” in wine shops who might steer you in a more expensive direction than your budget allows, or wine magazines where the jargon can, lets face it, get a bit confusing at times, you get advice from people in your social network – kinda like an app that lets you “ask a friend“.

unWine Check In

These might be real-life friends or once you start using the app, new friends you meet via the app.
In fact, this social network is very much built into the app, you get “5 recommendations” and then you have to share the app with 5 friends (via Twitter, Facebook, etc) before unlocking unlimited recommendations.

Essentially you post pictures of wines you’ve drunk with a reaction emoji and comments, etc and other people can browse these and add their reactions, comments, and share on Facebook, etc, etc

You can also add wines to your “wishlist“, either wines you’ve found in shops or other peoples photos on the app.

unWine Wish List
They’ve also slightly gameified (I hate that phrase!) the process, so you can earn badges (merits) starting from Grape Nut, Lush up to Oenophile and Maestro. I can only assume the badge design is intentionally an “optical” illusion…

Or maybe it’s just the latent teenage boy in me…

I’ve been told there are over 1.5 million wines in their database and it’s growing rapidly, as is their user base which apparently is largely female.

The app is very easy to use, and you can login with your Facebook or Twitter account if you don’t want to create an actual “unWine” account or login as a “guest” – which is also an option – and perhaps most importantly in today’s app market, it’s free.

I’m not sure how they’re going to monetize the app, I’ve not seen any adverts yet.

Once you’ve started the app (and logged in) you get asked 3 questions to determine your Wine Palette, which it seems they use when using their “discover” functionality to suggest wines for you.

unWine Discover

It’s an fun app to use, and it’s mainly photos as opposed to text heavy, so it’s user friendly and easy to get to grips with.

It’s available from the Apple App Store here with an Android version in the works.

More info can be found on their website : http://unwine.me/

Disclaimer: The developer of unWine contacted me about writing a blog post on the app, but I have received no payment or anything (other than a few emails) from them.


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