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November 8 2016

Fizzics Waytap : Draft Beer At Home

This Indiegogo venture has been on Indiegogo for a couple of months now but it’s only just crossed my

It’s a device to turn your canned or bottled beer into a foamy, draft pint!

Previously, this company launched the Fizzics which is a draft beer system that takes all sizes of cans and bottles and using their special technology, creates a freshly drawn beer straight from the tap.

The Fizzics Waytap appears to be a more portable version of this and has already raised over $1,000,000! (over 2000% of their initial asking price), on IndieGoGo.

Fizzics Waytap

Fizzics Waytap

It does look very cool and a nice draft beer in the home is always welcome but unfortunately the $120 price (on IndieGoGo, RRP will be $150) is a bit out of my budget range.

The Indiegogo campaign can be found here if you want to find out more about the WayTap.

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