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June 28 2016

iGulu – Craft Beer Home Brewery

I just found this on indigogo, iGulu – Smart, Automated Craft Beer Home Brewery, a fully automated home brewing kit.

iGulu Craft Beer Home Brewery

iGulu Craft Beer Home Brewery

It appears you just get your materials together, select the beer you want on the machines screen, add the ingredients, sit back and wait 1~3 weeks.

And it’s connected to an app on your iphone (my guess is that’s why they’ve called it the very odd, and uncatchy iGulu – previously it was Artbrew , a much cooler name), so you get alerts when it’s ready so you can rush home and try it out.

It’s all fully funded apparently, but fairly pricey ($549 for the basic package), so well done to them.

All they need to do is fix the terrible name 🙂

The campaign can be found here.

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