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February 18 2016

5 Exotic Wines Every Woman Needs to Try At least Once

f you are over the age of 21, chances are you will see many wine memes come across your social media pages. This is for a good reason. There are many types of wines to try, from simple to exotic. If you are interested in trying out different types of wines as a hobby, there are some exotic wines that you should try out.
Here are five exotic wines that you should give a try that won’t make you take out guarantor loans in order to try.

1. 40 Karat
While most wines are made out of grapes, there are also wines that are made from other berries. Even more exotic are wines that are made out of other vegetables. 40 karat wine is made out of carrots. Thought the wine is a vegetable wine, is a white wine that is just as savory as other wines. This wine tends to go well with foods that are spicy, so you can try it with your favorite exotic food.

2. Laxas Rias Baixas albariño
Wines that try different fruit flavors tend to turn out to be unique. Laxas Rias Baixas wine can be described as slightly creamy and light. This wine is made more like a soda, with the light fizz and bubbles. For people that are attempting to enter into the world of wine but do not like the taste of traditional reds and whites, this will help you to transition a little easier.

3. Arneis
If you like grape wine, you can try the white grape wine Arneis. This wine is created from pears and almonds. The wine is described to have a crispy taste. If you want a unique wine with an upper class feel and taste, this wine is one of the best forays into exotic wines.

4. Macadamia nut and honey wine
If you prefer your wine to have a theme, then a wine from Volcano Winery in is one of the best choices for a Hawaiian Wine. The white wine from this vineyard is called Macadamia nut and honey, and is made from both of these ingredients. The taste of this wine is perfectly suited for a luau meal or an upscale barbeque. Another exotic wine from this vineyard is called guava grape and is made from a tropical fruit blend for those who want something a little more sweet.

5. Mocha Coffee
If you have a love of coffee and you love wine, there is no reason why you can’t mix the two. A wine from Sweet Sunset vineyard, called Mocha coffee mixes coffee and wine. This is the perfect coffee and wine. This wine can be chilled and served on its own, or even be served mix into coffee in order to give it a bit of a kick. Coffee wine is exotic yet it may be more popular than other wines in the future, due to the love of fusion tastes.

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