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October 21 2015

SWIG Hip Flasks

The other day I received a cool package in the post from SWIG Hip Flasks.
They’d contacted me recently and asked if I wanted to try out one of their Hip Flasks. Well, as a fan of hip flasks and drinking in general, obviously I said yes.

Not long after that a package arrived. I thought there was no way this could have come from SWIG as the box was so light, I mean, like really light,

The Swig Gift Box

The Swig Gift Box

there’s no way there was a hip flask in it…but…

The Union Jack Hip Flask

The Union Jack Hip Flask

So the first impressive thing to note is these hip flasks, aswell as being high quality and well made are also extremely light. I have another hip flask, I got from
Bali a while back and it’s a big, thick, chunky flask, and a bit impractical as it weighs you down even before you fill it with whisky.
This on the other hand is very practical and pretty darn cool.

The gift pack comes in a beautiful box and as soon as I opened it my wife exclaimed “Kakkoii! Hoshii!“, which translates from the Japanese as “That’s so cool! I want one!“.
That’ll give you some idea of the appeal of the design – she’s not one to be impressed by drinking paraphernalia usually.

Swig Hip Flask

Swig Hip Flask

The pouches are made from Spanish leather apparently and are beautifully cut and stitched together. The designs on them are excellent too.

The flask I was sent is the “SWIG Executive Moulded Union Jack Flask“, me being from the UK, very appropriate I thought, but they stock a large range of pouch designs from plain colours, to Harris Tweed designs, to pouches with magnetic flaps.
The prices range from £41 for just a plain flask up to £139 for the Heritage range.

The Union Jack flask is priced at £69 and I must admit, initially when I saw the prices on their website I thought that was a bit expensive but having seen one up close, I now think it’s definitely excellent value.

They also stock accessories, like funnels, as well as gift sets (the box I was sent is a gift set) and engraving is an option making these hip flasks an excellent, extra special present.

I can’t recommend these enough and can’t wait to fill it up with sake and take it to our next “Hanami” (Cherry Blossom viewing picnic).

The SWIG hip flasks can be found on their website http://swigflasks.com/, so have a look…Christmas isn’t that far away…


DISCLAIMER: I was sent the Union Jack hip flask by SWIG to review for this blog. Other than the flask, I have received nothing from them (payment or otherwise) and will not be receiving any payments in the future either.
The views expressed are completely my own (and my wife’s…”Kakkoii!” ).

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