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July 29 2014

Balls of Steel – Cool Your Whisky For a Cause

There are many different ways to cool your whisky, from the standard method of ice to chilled stones and more.
The other day I was contacted by a company that has come up with an alternative, Balls of Steel.
These are literally, balls of steel and not just a cool product name.

As well as being rather cool looking, the company that came up with them, “OriginalBOS“, are also raising money for a great cause, testicular cancer research, so another reason to give them a look.

Here’s what they had to say:

While there are many types of whiskey, there is only one way to drink it: chilled.

Balls of Steel are stainless steel whiskey chillers that allow you to enjoy your drink without diluting it the way water does. These stainless steel balls will allow you to drink your whiskey the way it was made to be enjoyed. You will no longer have to deal with the unwanted dilution that drowns out the flavors when your ice melts.

Balls of Steel

Balls of Steel

Inside each ball is an arctic core, developed by OriginalBOS, which allow Balls of Steel to get cold fast and stay cold longer. Place the balls in the freezer for at least 90 minutes and then drop them in a glass to enjoy whiskey at the perfect temperature.

Chilling whiskey is not the sole purpose of Balls of Steel. Just by purchasing Balls of Steel, you are supporting mens’ health. For every purchase, OriginalBOS donates a portion of its proceeds to testicular cancer research.

Now you can enjoy your perfectly chilled whiskey and have Balls of Steel.

Balls of Steel are available for purchase at www.OriginalBOS.com

What are Balls of Steel? from Original BOS on Vimeo.

Get your set at: www.OriginalBOS.com

DISCLAIMER: I received no compensation, monetary or otherwise for writing this post. I just thought they looked pretty cool and wanted to spread the word.

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